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A collection of sabbatical reports and other reflections on what is happening in Communities of Learning, Kāhui Ako. 

Matariki Kāhui Ako

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Gary Hunt 

Mid-Bays Community of Schools

Considers how the college's current internal professional development approach aligns with the strategies and structures of the kāhui ako. (2016)

Tim White 

Frimley School

Considers the benefits of and requirements for joining a Community of Learning. Reports on the strategies and structures other schools have been trying. (2017)

Brendon Henderson

Tawa Intermediate

Examines governance models of kāhui ako. (2019)


Carmel Hoetawa

Mountainview School

How leadership of a kāhui ako strengthens leadership capacity for the leader and for others. (2018)

Melanie Taylor

Golden Sands School

Gathers kāhui ako leaders' views on the support and learning provided for the role. Identifies perceived barriers and recommended improvements. (2017)

Lisa White

Whangaparaoa Peninsula Kāhui Ako

Investigates the experiences of other lead principals and communities to prepare for starting in the role herself. (2017)

Michele Whiting

Porirua East Kāhui Ako

Examines leading in a complex world: knowing the “why” for our work, understanding the complex systems we work in, and building relationships for collective leadership. (2017)


Andy England

Māwhera Kāhui Ako

Gathers kāhui ako leaders' views on what's working, what's not and where to next for communities of learning and secondary-tertiary partnerships. (2018)

Kathleen Joblin

Rotorua Catholic Faithbased Kāhui Ako

Describes the journey since 2015 and appraises progress using the development maps in the kāhui ako toolkit. (2016)

Kim Nikora

Thames-Kauaeranga Kāhui Ako

Identifies the driving forces of their progress and ways they overcame restraining forces. (2019)

Daniel Pepper

Auckland Central Catholic Kāhui Ako 

Describes the journey to date – one year on – and assesses the impact so far using the development maps from the kāhui ako toolkit. (2017)

What has worked

Chris Bascand

Investigates whether two years' of kāhui ako have made a difference to student achievement. (2019)

Bruce Cunningham

Investigates the impacts kāhui ako have had on collaboration, leadership and learning. (2018)

Peter Kaiser

Investigates the experiences of early adopter kāhui ako. (2019)

Patrick Walsh

John Paul College

Investigates a small cross section of leaders' views on the structures, practices and outcomes of kāhui ako. (2019)

Tom Vanderlaan

Waiuku College

Investigates the experiences of five kāhui ako. (2019)

Key resources

Development maps – Ministry of Education

Collaboration to improve learner outcomes – ERO

Guide for boards of trustees – NZSTA 

Stories of practice – Te Whariki website

Example websites

Waimea Kāhui Ako website

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