Too busy to learn? an introduction to collaborative leadership learning

by Multiple


Too Busy To Learn? is an introductory handbook of interactive materials for collaborative learning among head teachers, principals and advisers.

Building on an NCSL pilot programme to develop leadership learning groups, it offers questions, processes and materials to support new collaborative groups as they form, or established groups as they review the focus and purpose of their work together.

The handbook is organised in four sections:

  • The challenge of collaborative learning
  • Exploring the territory
  • Development and review
  • New directions.

The sections give a practical focus to discussion, or a basis for personal reflection, through 11 learning frames. You can work systematically through the materials or alternatively, simply use those which are most useful.

To make the most of the materials, NCSL suggests that you use them in a collaborative way through facilitated workshops. You can spend as long or as little on each of these as you feel useful.

Reflective questions

These reflective questions might guide your reading of the material:

  • In the handbook there are many suggestions for ways in which leaders can learn together. Think about the times the leaders (that is, all teachers) meet together in your school. How is this time currently used?
  • Which of the ideas listed could you facilitate in your own staffroom? Which ideas could your principals’ group use with the help of a consultant-facilitator?


Too Busy to Learn? :An introduction to collaborative leadership learning (2003) National College of School Leadership. Nottingham. United Kingdom.

Tags: Collaborative practice

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