Being a good employer

Obligations under the State Sector Act

Every educational institute must be a “good employer”.

There are good faith provisions in the State Sector Act, the Employment Relations Act and the Health and Safety Act.

State Sector Act 1988, part 7A – Legislation website

Many of the obligations set out in the legislation are also contained within employment agreements.

If in doubt contact the employment advisers at the NZSTA advisory and support centre.

A good employer operates a personnel policy that includes:

  • good and safe working conditions
  • an equal employment opportunities programme
  • the impartial selection of suitably qualified persons for appointment
  • recognition of:
    • the aims and aspirations of Māori
    • the employment requirements of the Māori people
    • the need for greater involvement of the Māori people in the education service
  • opportunities for the enhancement of the abilities of individual employees
  • recognition of the aims and aspirations and employment requirements, and the cultural differences, of ethnic or minority groups
  • recognition of the employment requirements of women
  • recognition of the employment requirements of persons with disabilities.

The employer must also ensure that all employees maintain proper standards of integrity, conduct, and concern for the public interest and the wellbeing of students.

Updated: June 2017

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