Complaints from parents

Parents may, from time to time, make allegations or complaints ranging from a lack of positive learning opportunities or poor teaching to emotional abuse of students.

Serious complaints

For serious complaints about teachers see our pages on:

What happens when an employee’s competence is questioned

Mandatory reporting of possible serious misconduct

Less serious complaints

Conflict is best resolved as close to the source as possible. The first port of call is nearly always the person complained about.

If in doubt or if a formal investigation is required, seek assistance from NZSTA.

The following process may be helpful:

  • Discuss the concern with the person complained of, establish the facts and how the matter might be resolved.
  • Meet with the parent in a supportive environment and get agreement for a resolution.
  • Provide a clear action plan and follow this up with a letter setting out what is proposed.
  • Ensure the person complained of takes a lead role in resolving the matter.
  • Debrief all concerned and ascertain if further action or another solution is required.
  • Written complaints to the board must go promptly to the board.

For further information see our guide: Dealing with complaints

Updated: November 2017

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