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Rights to free education

What fees can be charged by schools?

School enrolment and attendance

Who must be enrolled in a registered school?

When may a principal excuse a student from mandatory attendance?

What are the obligations of the school where an enrolled student is truant or habitually late?

Under what circumstances can a student be precluded from attending school?

Student management

What are stand-downs and suspensions?

In what situations may the principal stand down or suspend a student?

What is a suspension meeting?

What is expulsion or exclusion?

Search and confiscation

Physical restraint

Students: various

How can schools promote a safe environment for all students?

What responsibilities does the school have in relation to students outside of school hours or outside the grounds?

What disciplinary or behaviour management ability does the school have in relation to students outside of school hours?

When can the parent of a child or a young adult ask to be released from tuition on religious or cultural grounds, or to be exempted from the sexuality education component of the health curriculum?

What should the school do if a parent refuses to allow a child to wear a school uniform?

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