Pedagogical leadership

Effective principals create conditions that ensure the school is focused first and foremost on effective teaching and learning.

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Teaching, learning and leading

A thought-provoking interview with Professor John Hattie in which he sets out his eight mind frames for leaders and teachers from his research and book on ‘visible learning’.

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Evidence-based leadership

by John Hattie

In this 12-minute video Professor John Hattie reports on the evidence about what makes a difference for students’ learning. He takes a provocative approach, questioning a number of the widely-held beliefs about what teachers can do to improve student learning.

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Elements of teaching effectiveness

This article aims to help you conceptualise what it means to teach effectively and, in so doing, to help you answer the question: How will I know that there is effective teaching happening in the school?

The cultural myths and realities of teaching and learning

by Graham Nuthall

This article describes Professor Graham Nuthall’s personal journey as a classroom researcher and the ground-breaking research he conducted with Dr Adrienne Alton-Lee. This research challenged the assumption of many educators, that teaching necessarily equals learning.

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New Zealand school stories

Mangere East students can’t get enough of “Bobbie” maths

In this story Massey University researcher Dr Bobbie Hunter and the leadership team at Mangere East Primary School talk about the community of mathematical inquiry there that has Pasifika students and their fanau fizzing.

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Other resources

In search of deeper learning: The quest to remake the American high school

by Jal Mehta, Sarah Fine

Identifies the components of deep learning found in innovative American high schools.

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Guiding principles for learning in the twenty-first century

by Conrad Hughes and Clementina Acedo

This guide from the International Academy of Education outlines a holistic approach for learning in the twenty-first century. 

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Leading curriculum innovation in practice

by Karen Carter and Tricia Sharpe (Eds.)

This report looks at ways in which 50 schools in the United Kingdom embraced a range of activities to develop their curriculum for the 21st century. 

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Leading the instructional core: Richard Elmore

In this interview Professor Richard Elmore discusses the need for schools to establish their own internal systems and professional cultures to improve student outcomes. When these are in place, he says, the schools can meet external requirements. 

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The learning-centered principal

by Richard DuFour

In this article, Richard DuFour argues that the notion of the instructional leader is a flawed one. Using his own past experiences, he shows that the initial approaches he used in this role focused on the wrong kinds of questions.

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