Building effective learning environments

Effective principals are knowledgeable about learning and the individual needs of different students in their particular context.

New Zealand articles and resources

Leadership in the development of inclusive school communities

by Jude McArthur

An overview of research on the experiences of students who have disabilities, with advice and suggestions for school leaders.

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Teachers make a difference: What is the research evidence?

by John Hattie

Professor John Hattie discusses the research evidence showing that “it is what teachers know, do and care about which is very powerful in the learning equation”.

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Using Best Evidence Syntheses to assist in making a bigger difference for diverse learners

by Adrienne Alton-Lee

Background to the New Zealand Ministry of Education's Iterative Best Evidence Synthesis (BES) programme, and how it can make a difference in the achievement levels of all learners.

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Aiming for student achievement: How teachers can understand and better meet the needs of Māori and Pacific Island students

by Jan Hill and Kay Hawk

This article examines the development of the AimHi project and research. It explores the links between the world(s) of the student, of home, and of school, and how the collision of these worlds can impact learning and achievement.

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New Zealand school stories

Southern Cross Senior Campus

Karen Douglas, Southern Cross Senior Campus

Karen Douglas at Southern Cross Campus senior school took a no excuses approach to student management, and academic improvement followed.

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Te Kura Māori o Ngā Tapuwae

Arihia Stirling describes how a group of Mangere schools worked together to improve assessment and share professional knowledge.

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Other resources

Rethinking conventions: Keeping gender-diverse students safe

A primary principal learns how to create a safe culture for gender-diverse students. 

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Wellbeing and success

by Andy Hargreaves, Dennis Shirley

An argument for why student wellbeing should be part of the education agenda, based on research in Ontario.

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Engage me or enrage me: What today’s learners demand

by Marc Prensky

Argues that technology-savvy students are engaged everywhere in their lives except at school; and it is therefore an educator's responsibility to present curricula in ways that will connect with students.

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Conversations that matter

by Stephen Myers

Focuses on the importance of developing trusting and positive relationships in the classroom. It suggests specific and practical ways of starting the first session with a class.

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