Taking action

    “What can we do differently to make enough of a difference?” is the inquiry question in the taking action phase. 

Taking action is a team activity: teachers working collaboratively to turn new learning into new practices. It requires dialogue, observation, reflection and opportunities to try and try again.

This phase of the spiral is referred to as Take action – try new solutions in the Report of the Professional Learning and Development Advisory Group (2014).

Mindsets for taking action

Everyone must do things differently if there are to be different outcomes for learners. This means taking risks and continually checking to see if those risks are paying off in terms of promoting student learning. If they are not, then check with colleagues and try something else.

What some leaders and teachers have said

“Failure is important to understand. There are always failures but by being open to feedback you learn how to do it better next time. The growth mindset approach. It’s about learning.”

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Number 1 rule

Taking action is a way to deepen learning to make enough of a difference. It is informed, focused and team-led.

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Leadership challenges

Mindset challenges

  • Taking action involves leaders as much as teachers. (If you are expecting only teachers to change, then you have missed some important ideas in the spiral of inquiry.)
  • Taking no action isn’t an option – everyone must do things differently if outcomes are going to improve for learners.
  • Ensuring everyone realises that professional learning must be about doing things differently, that is, talking about taking action is not the same as taking action.
  • Involving learners in deciding whether the action taken is effective in helping them to learn.

Organisational challenges

  • Providing time and opportunities to ensure the action taken is consistent with the intended changes and is making a difference for learners.
  • Providing time and opportunities to review the effectiveness of the action.

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