Keeping it all going

The inquiry framework is a spiral – that means one thing leads to another and doesn’t come to a stop at checking. The idea that innovation floats on a sea of inquiry means ideas ripple out and spirals of inquiry, learning and action become a way of thinking and doing things.

“We are always keeping our eye on the horizon of transformative change for our learners.” (Timperley, Kaser & Halbert, 2014).

What’s next?

When you have reached the checking phase and decide you want to keep going, think about what it is you want to keep going. Is it:

  • a continuation of your selected focus
  • an inquiry mindset and process to approach the next challenge
  • embedding and developing new teaching and leadership practices
  • continuing to improve social-emotional and intellectual outcomes for learners?

It may be all of these, but it is important to be explicit and not assume your learners, colleagues and community agree.

Threats to keeping it going

When deciding what it is you want to keep going, consider these threats:

  • A new calendar year resulting in stop-start thinking
  • Change of key personnel
  • Declining motivation from not celebrating successes
  • Seeing a new focus as separate from the previous inquiry focus
  • Just getting too busy to think creatively and innovatively – so reverting to the old ways of doing things.

Keeping an eye on the purpose

“Every learner will cross the stage with dignity, purpose and options. In addition, learners will leave our schools and other learning settings more curious than when they arrived.” (Timperley, Kaser and Halbert, 2014, p.3)

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