Technology, the new pedagogy and flipped teaching

by Michael Fullan

In this 2014 video, Michael Fullan talks about whether technology can deepen the quality of learning. He agrees that it can but that it depends on the teaching.

He describes what he calls the “deep goals” of learning – critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, character education, and citizenship – and ponders how technology can assist in accelerating them.

He concludes that one of the ways technology adds value is by making learning “irresistibly engaging” and by acting as a way to solve problems, 24/7.

Fullan says that technology can fuel communication and collaboration in classrooms where teachers are activators or change agents, and students are partners in learning, 

One approach to integrating technology with learning, he says, is the through the "flipped classroom", where students review the videoed content of the lesson at home and reflect on it back in class.

Reflective questions

  • How is technology currently blended with face-to-face teaching in your school? Does the way you are using it make learning “irresistible”? How?
  • Fullan says that as learners progress through school they become increasingly bored (the push factor). He questions how the ubiquity of technology in their lives (the pull factor) can be harnessed for purposeful learning. What are your thoughts, viewed either through a leadership lens or a classroom practice lens?
  • How does the notion of the “flipped classroom” (3.55) sit with you? Does it have merit?

Tags: Leadership and ICT

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