SSM award recipients 2018

  1. Ashworth, Gael

    Wellington East Girls' College

    Investigate how New Zealand schools are implementing integration and project- or problem-based learning at the senior level.

    Download: Full report (PDF 158 kB)

  2. Chamberlain, Jo

    Marlborough Girls' College

    Visit ILEs, learning institutes and secondary schools in NZ and Australia to explore the learning pedagogies and practices in their spaces. Align these experiences to current research to develop my learning and our team's vision for the new school – co-location of Marlborough Girls' and Boys Colleges' in 2021.

  3. Fry, Stacey

    Motueka High School

    Visit schools, research and develop new ways of collecting data and reporting on student achievement to improve student outcomes.

  4. Hay-Mackenzie, Jim

    Flaxmere College

    Research organisational change and change leadership with a specific focus on collaborative inquiry.

    Download: Full report (PDF 482 kB)

  5. Hooper, Andrea

    Opunake High School

    Learn Te Reo Māori to a higher degree and gain a deeper understanding of Tikanga Māori.

  6. O'Leary, Brad

    Nelson College For Girls

    Develop a comprehensive school-wide anti-bullying programme.

  7. Redpath, Pam

    Wairarapa College

    Investigate how Wairarapa College could become a more culturally responsive and relational pedagogy school where Māori students enjoy and achieve educational success as Māori.

    Download: Full report (PDF 1 MB)

  8. Russell, Karen

    Northcote College

    Inquire into the range of practices used in New Zealand intermediate and secondary schools to accelerate the achievement of priority learners.

    Download: Full report (PDF 90 kB)

  9. Savage, Andrew

    Wellington High School and Com Ed Centre

    Investigate schools' strategies and best practice for developing a culture of engagement with students.

    Download: Full report (PDF 458 kB)