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Roberts Terry

To evaluate the impact the healthy schools concept has had on the education of schools in Tai Tokerau. Visit schools in Northland who participated in the Fruit in Schools programme, Active Schools, and Sunsmart Schools.

Tags: Curriculum

Robertson Dane

Investigate schools that are implementing play-based learning. Establish best practice play-based learning and cater for students' schemas and urges to help develop student learning.

View Dane's findings on his site play-based learning

Tags: Curriculum design

Ropati Iva

Explore the relevance of sport and PE in lifting student achievement and raising standards.

Tags: Curriculum. Pegagogical leadership

Russek Alan

To explore initiatives in schools to enhance the learning of maths for at-risk Year 2-4 students.

Tags: Curriculum

Schaw Alastair

Investigate the EOTC experiences available for small schools in the Manawatu area, how they are used to support student learning, the variety of opportunities available, and their effectiveness.

Tags: Curriculum

Shea Deidre

Research and visit schools in New Zealand and the United States to see how schools are designing effective teaching and learning environments.

Tags: Curriculum design

Turnbull Peter

Professional reading on alternative approaches to traditional curriculum and timetable structures, including past sabbatical reports.

Tags: Curriculum design

Wright John

Engage deeply in a unique, authentic, multi-disciplined, community-based learning context centred around the restoration of Great Mercury Island.

Tags: Curriculum design

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