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A matter of performance

A teacher disagrees with the findings of a performance management observation (PMO) undertaken by the assistant principal. The principal and assistant principal are certain that the findings of the observation are accurate. They insist that the findings of the observation stay on the teacher’s record. The teacher had been involved in a number of disputes with the school management in her years of employment. She had been difficult to work with and the school principal was tired of her behaviour.

Tags: Appraisal

Kersten William

To investigate how principal leadership can improve school practices, focusing on teacher performance through improved appraisal.

Tags: Appraisal

Lye Anne

Explore what the key components of effective appraisal are, which promote teacher ownership and engagement and lead to growth as a professional.

Tags: Appraisal

Moses Roger

Explore good practice in appraisal to ascertain what potential approaches are most appropriate for senior managers in large secondary schools.

Tags: Appraisal

Nelson Frances

Investigate the place and use of educative mentoring and coaching within performance management processes in primary schools. To identify the way in which these components impact on the growth and development of teacher pedagogical practice leading to increased student achievement. 

Tags: appraisal, Coaching and mentoring

O'Sullivan Amanda

Visit under-5 schools and schools which have established bilingual classes working at either Level 1 or 2 and have implemented Te Marautanga o Aotearoa, to observe their management systems, appraisal procedures, self-review and reporting to school communities.

Tags: Appraisal

Parsons Thomas

To compare and determine best practice for secondary principal appraisal by researching private sector business and education processes.

Tags: Appraisal

Payne Karen

Participate in professional learning around effective appraisal systems that lead to improved student achievement outcomes.

Tags: Appraisal

Riceman Gregory

To observe, assess, and analyse appraisal and mentoring programmes used in primary schools and to review and implement the current Raureka appraisal / mentoring system based on this observation.

Tags: Appraisal

Richards Aaron

Develop understanding of current best practice in improving teacher effectiveness and performance management; explore an alternative commercial model of performance management; investigate how school performance management practices can maintain and improve the quality of teaching.

Tags: Appraisal

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