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Milner Malcolm

To explore the role of principal leadership in creating a 'thinking school', and programmes that develop critical thinking across a school.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Pedagogical leadership

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Roebuck Gregory

Research how principals lead the pedagogy required for teachers to meet the learning needs for priority learners in Innovative Learning Environments.

Tags: Modern learning environments, Pedagogical leadership

Schon Barry

Investigate teacher agency and its relationship to raising the achievement of all priority learners. Provide coaching models to implement in the school.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Sleeman Patricia

To explore initiatives used in schools to raise the standard of comprehension skills of new English language learners.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Smith Lindy

Academic mentoring as a tool in the raising of student achievement - its key elements, variety of models and implications for teacher practice in New Zealand secondary schools.

Tags: Leadership and NCEA, Pedagogical leadership

Torrey Denise

Middle leaders raising student achievement and reducing variance within schools.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

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