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Ristow Janet

To contact other remote and isolated schools to see how they are involving four year olds in transition programmes.

Tags: Leading small schools, Transition

Small school challenges

Aspiring school leaders often contemplate their first movement into principalship via a small school. Amanda Tuck engaged in a significant research project interviewing leaders of small schools to find out their concerns, advantages, and the issues they face.

Tags: Leading small schools

Stockton Matthew

Revisit Masters of Educational Leadership research (completed in 2009), which involved working with small rural schools to examine their contextual curriculum implementation, its opportunities, and its challenges.

Tags: Leading small schools

Towersey Neil

Research elements of best practice in dual medium governance, leadership, curriculum design and delivery; develop a programme of self-review and strategic planning to bring about necessary changes or improvements at Te Puna.

Tags: Dual medium, Leading small schools

Vincent Jennifer

To investigate if remote/rural students are prepared for their transition to high/boarding school.

Tags: Leading small schools, transition

Ward Kay

Investigate the impact on rural schools where increased dairy farming has resulted in a growing population of transient students. What practices and strategies are effective in transitioning students between schools?

Tags: Leading small schools

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