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How can schools promote a safe environment for all students?

The National Administration Guidelines require schools to "provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students".

This includes dealing with cyberbullying and online harassment.

Overall responsibility for the school environment rests with boards of trustees of state and integrated schools, and governing bodies of independent schools.

Through school staff a range of approaches can be taken to foster positive behaviours.

Student behaviour

Guidelines and details of the help available to schools are available on the Ministry of Education website.

Student behaviour – help and guidance

Guides and resources to help schools with bullying are available on the bullyingfreenz website. The site also has help for families and for students.

Schools - Bullying Free NZ website

Online harrassment

Advice and details of the help available to schools are available on the Netsafe website.

Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 and schools

Updated: July 2017

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