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How should a school manage privacy issues including disclosure or correction of personal information?

Privacy is an important responsibility for school boards and staff members. Complying with the Privacy Act 2020 is not usually a complicated issue for schools. 

Schools must appoint a privacy officer to encourage and perform compliance with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993.

Privacy officers – Legislation website

Privacy officers – Privacy Commissioner

Handling requests from individuals

The Privacy Act provides procedures for individuals to request access and correction to their personal information under privacy principles 6 and 7.

Privacy principles – Privacy Commissioner

Privacy Act 2020, part 4 – Legislation website

When a request is made for personal information under the Privacy Act the school must make a decision and give notice of the decision within 20 working days.

The school must take precautions to verify the identity of the individual making the request and ensure only the individual concerned receives the information.

Usually personal information is provided in full to the person it is about, for example, in the case of a student requesting access to their achievement results.

Information can be withheld in limited circumstances.

If a problem arises, contact NZSTA.

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Updated: December 2020

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