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What are the school’s responsibilities regarding protection orders?

Protection orders are issued by the Family Court and must be treated seriously by schools.

A victim of family violence can apply for a protection order.

  • Protection orders are often made in association with parenting orders, but not always.
  • Normally, a protection order applies to any child living with the applicant.
  • All standard conditions of protection orders apply to the children – including any non-contact conditions.

If a person subject to a protection order (the respondent) was to come to the school, then that is likely to be a breach of the protection order.

Family Violence Act 2018 – Legislation website

See sections 60, 86, 90, 112.

If the school is aware that a protection order is in force:

  • Care should be taken that the privacy of the protected person and child or children is not breached. 
  • It may be useful to ask for and keep on file a photograph of the respondent for identification purposes.
  • The school should keep on file a copy of the protection order and any parenting order in order to best protect and support the child/children.

Information on protection orders and how to deal with family violence is available on the New Zealand Police website.

If you have any concerns contact the police immediately.

Protection orders – NZ Police

Updated: August 2020

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