School support staff: collectively making resources count

Report and case studies about schools that use effective management practices for their support staff.


School Support Staff: Collectively Making Resources Count provides rich information about practices in schools and the views of support staff and principals.

The report concludes that schools who make effective use of their support staff consider them as part of a total school system focused on student learning.

 School Support Staff Phase 2 Report  (2 MB)

Case studies

These case studies showcase schools that use effective management practices for their support staff.

Shows what one school is doing to ensure they get the best from all staff in their school, including their support staff.

Looks at how support staff can assist the school connect to its community in both formal and informal ways.

Looks at designing support roles to reflect the vision and philosophy of the school, and tap into the full range of skills that support staff have.

Looks at the importance of engaging support staff and ensuring that systems are meaningful.

Shows how two schools outsourced the management of their server and worked collaboratively to buy better technology and support.

Looks at teacher aides sharing responsibilities and adopting a team approach to student learning.

Looks at designing library and ICT support roles that link directly to the teaching and learning goals of the school.

Tags: Systems and Policy

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