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Links to sources of administrative information commonly used by principals. 

On 1 January 2023, the National Education Goals (NEGs) and the National Administration Guidelines (NAGs) ceased to have effect.

This page is currently being refreshed. Please refer to the following sites for the most up-to-date information:

National Education Goals (NEGs) and National Administration Guidelines (NAGs)

Schools' planning and reporting – Education in New Zealand

General information

National Administration Guidelines (NAGs) – Ministry of Education

National Education Goals (NEGs) – Ministry of Education

National Education and Learning Priorities 2020 – Ministry of Education

Schooling circulars – Ministry of Education

Education legislation

The Education and Training Act 2020 provides the legal basis for all school operations and processes. It established the present systems of governance and management for state and integrated schools.

Education and Training Act 2020 – Legislation website

Information by NAG

NAG 1: Curriculum delivery and student achievement

Assessment Resource Banks in English, maths, and science – NZCER

e-asTTle – TKI website

Ka Hikitia: accelerating success – Ministry of Education

Te Marautanga o Aotearoa – TKI website

Pasifika Education Plan – Ministry of Education

Inclusive education guides – TKI website

The New Zealand Curriculum – TKI website

NZQA website

Cultural competencies for teachers

Tātaiako – Teaching Council

Tapasā – Teaching Council

NAG 2: Planning, reviewing, and reporting

Understanding school charters 

Ongoing school self-review

Planning and reporting – Ministry of Education

NAG 3: Personnel and employment

Understanding school employment

Education and the law: employment

Employment – NZSTA

Employment agreements – Ministry of Education

Applying for registration – Teaching Council

Professional growth cycle - Teaching Council

Creating an induction and mentoring programme – Teaching Council

People and employment – Ministry of Education

Police vetting for schools and kura Māori – Ministry of Education

Schools' payroll – Education Payroll website

NAG 4: Finance and resourcing

Understanding school finances

Banking staffing – Ministry of Education

Managing school finances – Ministry of Education

Operational funding components – Ministry of Education

School funding calculator

School staffing calculator

Payments by parents

Circular 2018/01 – Ministry of Education

School uniforms and supplies (PDF) – Commerce Commission


Understanding school property

State schools property management – Ministry of Education

Integrating schools into the state system – Ministry of Education

Private schools' registration and management – Ministry of Education

Property information on your school – Ministry of Education

Protecting your school and assets – Fire and Emergency NZ

NAG 5: Safety of students and employees

Keeping people healthy and safe – Ministry of Education

Pastoral care and wellbeing – Ministry of Education

Behaviour services to help schools and students – Ministry of Education

The Tertiary and International Learners Code of Practice – NZQA website

EOTC guidelines: bringing the curriculum alive – TKI website

Health and safety FAQs for schools – Worksafe NZ

NAG 6: Comply with all general legislation

Understanding attendance

ENROL - enrolment register – Ministry of Education

Managing student attendance – Ministry of Education

Food safety for schools and kura – Ministry of Primary Industries

NAG 7: School charter

Education and Training Act 2020: Improving schools' planning and reporting – Ministry of Education

NAG 8: Variance

Analysis of variance overview and template – see National Education Goals and National Administration Guidelines - Ministry of Education

Education Review Office information

Handbook of contractual obligations and undertakings

How ERO reviews

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