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Barrett Marie

To develop effective strategies and techniques for working with the high rate of childhood anxiety currently presenting in our schools.

Tags: Wellbeing

Brown Christine

Write a case study on the development of a wellbeing initiative at my school. This will have been underway for a year to the date of leave.

Tags: Wellbeing

Campbell Linda

To investigate effective programmes and strategies to help primary aged children with mental health problems to reach their full potential in the school environment.

Tags: Wellbeing

Fox Ricardo

Investigate the implementation of tier 3 and post-tier 3 Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) internationally to support PB4L anti-bullying programmes in the school.

Tags: Wellbeing

Graham Lindy

Investigate what leadership practices, curriculum opportunities, and multi-faceted approaches promote student wellbeing, learning and achievement in New Zealand state-integrated (Anglican) schools.

Tags: Wellbeing

Harvie Linda

Research what a wellbeing curriculum could look like for year 7 and 8 students, by examining professional readings, conducting interviews with researchers, visiting schools and attending a relevant conference.

Tags: Wellbeing

Oliver Gavin

Research the anxiety and anger issues that children exhibit, with a particular focus on priority learners – causation and treatment of anger and anxiety with the aim of enhancing children's engagement and learning.

Tags: student engagement, Wellbeing

Potter Maria

Investigate the wellbeing and personal resilience of Pasifika girls.

Tags: Priority learners, Wellbeing

Sandilands Collette

How can schools support and develop student wellbeing to optimise their success?

Tags: Wellbeing

Walker Tracy

Research how other schools are implementing competencies to build resilience in learning and develop a growth mindset in learners.

Tags: Wellbeing

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