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Nicholson Glenn

To develop and provide evidence-based guidelines which promote the best transition, drawing together all stakeholders.

Tags: Transition

Ristow Janet

To contact other remote and isolated schools to see how they are involving four year olds in transition programmes.

Tags: Leading small schools, Transition

Roberts Gary

Observe children and speak with families and teachers in five Pasifika early childhood centres in Christchurch, four Samoan and one Tongan, to make connections with early childhood learning and experiences so our school can be better placed to meet the needs of children and families when they arrive at primary school. 

Tags: Transition

Robinson David

To research successful school transitions, investigating what this means for children in year 6–8 in the Leeston Community Cluster.

Tags: Transition

Rutherford Raewyn

Observe Te Whariki in action and establish strong working relationships with the early childhood services our students attend, and a good line of communication, so we can best support a good transition to school. Investigate what is done in ECE to focus on readiness for school.

Tags: Transition

Siave Geoff

Investigate the methods used by intermediate schools to enhance the transition of academic information about children moving from contributing schools to intermediate schools.

Tags: Assessment and data, Transition

Stewart Jennifer

Gain understanding of how to successfully transition 5 year olds into Sunnybrae and accelerate the learning of those students that are identified as being at risk of underachieving in literacy.

Tags: Transition

Stewart Karen

Investigate successful transition to tertiary learning environments, and ‘next practice’ for secondary – tertiary partnerships.

Tags: Transition

Tyson Ross

How are successful schools using data to formulate OTJs and how are they moderating? Is moderating being carried out collaboratively across school communities or just within schools?

Tags: Assessment and data, Collaborative practice, Transition

Vincent Jennifer

To investigate if remote/rural students are prepared for their transition to high/boarding school.

Tags: Leading small schools, transition

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