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Grey Tony

To explore how effective e-learning schools are successfully utilising and implementing and Ministry's e-learning planning framework; to investigate the effective use of mobile technologies in modern learning environments to enhance the engagement and achievement of students, including priority groups of special needs learners and Maori students.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Lamb Simon

To investigate the incorporation of technologies into the learning processes at Takapuna Grammar School to support both local and distance students.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Parish Lynette

To develop a strategic plan for the school library to sucessfully function as a centre of e-learning to help to raise literacy levels across the school.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Pearce Clyde

To explore how schools are effectively using e-learning technologies to enhance teaching pedagogy and raise student achievement.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Rayner Rhonda-Maree

How can schools best manage their ICT in relation to iPads, Chromebooks, Hapara and Google Apps – programme content and curriculum delivery, logistics and systems for managing programmes and devices.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Raynes Diane

Investigate how e-learning can support and motivate reluctant and underachieving students, particularly in literacy and numeracy.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Senior Deidre

Investigating the pedagogical approaches required to maximize the use of devices in a BYOD or 1:1 environment.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Stuart Lynda

To research the impact of digital technology on the achievement of learners, especially relating to 1:1 devices.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Technology, the new pedagogy and flipped teaching

In this 2014 video, Michael Fullan talks about whether technology can deepen the quality of learning. He agrees that it can but that it depends on the teaching.

Tags: Leadership and ICT

Ward Lynley

Explore and implement best practice for developing online collaborative learning opportunities for students in rural schools – study online and collaborative learning theory and practice; visit schools to view current good practice; set up online collaborative learning relationships and opportunities.

Tags: Leadership and ICT, Rural schools

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