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Mulcahy Suzanne

To investigate the effects of the National Standards on learners who are "at" or "above" National Standards.

Tags: Assessment and data

Schofield Graeme

To investigate the effective use of student management systems for assessment and reporting.

Tags: Assessment and data

Siave Geoff

Investigate the methods used by intermediate schools to enhance the transition of academic information about children moving from contributing schools to intermediate schools.

Tags: Assessment and data, Transition

Stavert Maree

How teachers and leaders efficiently and effectively use data to support decisions that lead to improved student achievement.

Tags: Assessment and data

Taylor David

Undertake research into National Standards implementation and reporting to parents and to boards by principals. Specifically end of year annual reporting.

Tags: Assessment and data

Tyson Ross

How are successful schools using data to formulate OTJs and how are they moderating? Is moderating being carried out collaboratively across school communities or just within schools?

Tags: Assessment and data, Collaborative practice, Transition

When data signals change is needed

A school has had a number of principals, and some years ago was deemed at risk. At that time the school had been in the public spotlight over poor ERO reports and conflict over governance and management issues. Since then the school has moved on to a much happier time. It has enjoyed roll growth, has built a good reputation and is well regarded in the community. A new and experienced principal takes up a position at a school. She finds that, despite appearances, all is not well with the literacy programme.

Tags: Assessment and data

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