Leading learning

When leaders and teachers undertake evidence-informed inquiry, and use it to work collaboratively towards change and improvement for learners, it establishes professional agency and makes inquiry the everyday work of schools and kura. This creates a culture of sustained improvement.

Spiral of inquiry: leaders leading learning

Spiral of inquiry.

This resource promotes the leadership of collaborative, evidence-informed inquiry in ways that keep learners’ progress at the centre. It provides field-tested tools and ideas to support leaders and teachers to apply spirals of inquiry, learning and action with their learners.

Collaborative cultures

Collaborative professional learning cultures represent a complex and adaptive challenge. They take time, but they can build teaching effectiveness and result in better learning for all students.

Professional learning

When principals create opportunities for teachers to work collaboratively and share evidence-informed practice with each other, everyone feels a collective responsibility for students' learning. 

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

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