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Barlow Josephine

Investigate ways to support principals in network – in the roles of coaching, mentoring, and professional supervision.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring, Communities of practice

Bascand Chris

Investigate how, after 2 years, kāhui ako have made a difference to achievement for priority and all students across schools where kāhui ako have been established; and how kāhui ako have planned for sustainability for the future.

Tags: Communities of practice

Cunningham Bruce

Research on Community of Learning, Kāhui Ako (CoL) – surveys, visits to schools and questioning principals – to answer the following questions: What is collaboration? What is the impact of CoL leadership within our schools? What is the impact of principal leadership within our schools? What impact are CoLs having on the wellbeing of school leaders?

Tags: Communities of practice

England Andy

Conduct a literature review and visit examples of learning-focused collaborative ventures and interview stakeholders: students, teachers, principals, expert partners, iwi and industry representatives. Continue to participate in the global dialogue on collaboration (Education Development Trust, UK).

Tags: Communities of practice

Henderson Brendon

Examine governance models of kāhui ako across New Zealand.

Tags: Communities of practice

Hoetawa Carmel

Does leadership of a Kāhui Ako, as a principal, strengthen leadership capacity for the leader and for others? Inquire into the impacts on leadership for Kāhui Ako, Community of Learning (CoL) Lead Principals in a range of socio-economic school settings and where there are significant numbers of priority learners. 

Tags: Communities of practice; Developing leadership

Kaiser Peter

Research perceived successes and challenges in establishing and sustaining communities of learning, with particular reference to early adopter kāhui ako.

Tags: Communities of practice

Shaw Tony

Continue research into school improvement and raising outcomes for all students, including visiting Melbourne University to study and learn about professional learning communities.

Tags: Communities of practice

Smith Mark

Research effective leadership practices by school principals in Communities of Learning, Kāhui Ako that contribute to effective communication, high levels of relational trust, and collaboration on shared achievement challenges.

Tags: Communities of practice

Vanderlaan Thomas

Interview leaders, across-school teachers, in-school teachers and principals in five kāhui ako, and review published material.

Tags: Communities of practice

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