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McCarthny Craig

To build confidence and knowledge of modern learning environments in order to develop a clear vision of modern learning pedagogies and environments.

Tags: Modern learning environments, Modern learning pedagogies

McGuinness Paul

Undertake research and review literature relating to modern learning practices, to develop a model of practice that can be used in a year 7–13 school.

Tags: Modern learning environments, Pedagogical leadership

Mulcahy Peter

Investigate the design options that best suit our school context, in particular our pedagogical beliefs and practices, to ensure even better outcomes for student learning.

Tags: Modern Learning Environments

Newall Graeme

To explore the most effective use of budget on resources for modern learning environment spaces within NZ.

Tags: Modern learning environments

Nicoll Judith

Build professional knowledge in leadership of modern learning environments – understand modern learning pedagogies and practices that underpin MLE; identify MLE practices that have the potential to enhance learning, engagement, and achievement for priority students.

Tags: Modern learning environments

Price Craig

To investigate modern learning environments and the impact these can have on student learning and achievement.

Tags: Modern learning environments

Randell David

Undertake a professional enquiry into how design principles align with pedagogical activities, in curriculum and pedagogy contexts of New Zealand, Western Australia and Scandinavia.

Tags: Modern learning environments

Roebuck Gregory

Research how principals lead the pedagogy required for teachers to meet the learning needs for priority learners in Innovative Learning Environments.

Tags: Modern learning environments, Pedagogical leadership

Stackhouse John

Investigate teaching and learning for priority students in a collaborative learning environment, with an emphasis on special education needs.

Tags: Leadership and special education, Modern learning environments

Tong Shane

Investigate the effect of the introduction of flexible, innovative learning spaces or modern learning environments on boys' academic achievement. Gain an insight into best practice to implement in my school and share with other boys' schools in NZ.

Tags: Modern learning environments

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