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Peri Diana

Further professional training in the GROWTH coaching for leadership model. Inquire into the potential of solutions-focused coaching to deepen collaborative teacher inquiry and a culture of autonomous collaborative inquiry. Identify next steps for the leadership of this project.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Petronelli James

To explore the use of a coaching model to strengthen and develop the potential and performance of aspiring and current school leaders.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Porteous Shirley

Explore the practical implementation of effective coaching practices in schools. Investigate how school leaders have built a culture of coaching using a school-wide model, how this has developed over time, and what positive outcomes there have been for staff and students.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Taylor Iain

To investigate the use of professional learning and educative coaching models in schools; and to then produce an effective resource/handbook for school leaders to use to help strengthen and increase teacher quality and competence, leading to increased student achievement.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Walker Anne

To understand the relationship between a culture of distributed leadership and coaching as a way to build leadership capability.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

Walsh Cindy

Investigate the implementation of educational coaching and the outcomes experienced in schools in New Zealand and overseas.

Tags: Coaching and mentoring

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