Sabbatical reports added November 2020

Sabbatical reports published in September to November were: 

Secondary and area 

In-school truancy 

Causes of and strategies for preventing in-school truancy. 

Susan Blakely, Rosehill College 

Leadership teams 

Senior leadership team structures in a range of schools. 

Gregory Pierce, Aorere College 


Transition to secondary 

Smooth transition of students from a small rural school to secondary school. 

Diane Bates, Oruaiti School 


Views of educational leaders in three countries on leadership in their systems. 

Simon Heath, Renwick School 


Ways to increase the wellbeing of students and staff for better outcomes. 

Viki Holley, Onehunga Primary School 

Learning languages 

Success and participation in learning languages. 

Andrew Kemp, Broomfield School 

Teaching principals 

How teaching principals manage the complexities of their roles. 

Deborah Leov, Linkwater School 

Transition to school 

Supporting children with learning support needs as they start school. 

Elaine McCambridge, New River Primary 

Student agency 

Introduce practices to develop the agency of learners in years 5-8.  

Vicki McIntyre, Hinds School 

Culturally responsive leadership 

Cultural relationships in the pedagogy and curriculum of schools.  

Christopher Meynell, Marewa School 

Personalising learning 

Explore years 7-13 curriculum with an emphasis on personalised learning.  

Dave Pauling, Richmond View School 

Assessing and reporting 

Innovative ways to assess and report on learning and achievement. 

Nick Rate, Russell Street School 

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