Sabbatical reports added Jan 2020

Sabbatical reports published in December 2019 and January 2020 were:

Secondary and area 

Digital technology 

How digital technology impacts teaching and learning. 

Jack Anderson, Whangaroa College 


Pastoral care programmes and staff and student wellbeing. 

Gavin Clark, Hastings Christian School 

Transition from secondary 

Curriculum to ensure good secondary to tertiary or work transitions. 

Karen Dobric, Papatoetoe High School 

Curriculum design 

Innovative practices to better meet student academic and pastoral needs. 

Rick Geerlofs, Kaikorai Valley College 

Offering a curriculum that is challenging and future focussed. 

Sandy Pasley, Baradene College of the Sacred Heart 


Boys’ writing 

Teaching practices that raise achievement levels for boys in writing. 

Tom Cochrane, Matatoki School 

Staff wellbeing 

Investigate staff wellbeing to develop our own wellbeing guidelines. 

Tamae Dimond, Waitomo Caves School 

Arts practices 

Art practices that celebrate cultural diversity of Māori and Filipino learners. 

Margaret Duynhoven, St Joseph's School (Opunake) 

Bilingual support workers 

Using bilingual support workers to engage migrant communities. 

Susan Jennison, Westburn School 

Flexible learning spaces 

Supporting learners with special needs in an innovative learning environment. 

Pam King, Wairau Valley Special School 

Creating innovative learning spaces for a small rural school. 

Clare Rowan, Hawera Christian School 

Growth mindset 

Adopting a growth mindset approach to reduce student anxiety. 

Mark McCallum, Taonui School 

Student agency 

Shifting from student voice to developing a culture of student agency. 

Sarah Mirams, East Tamaki School 

Kāhui ako progress 

Forces driving our progress and how we overcame restraining forces. 

Kim Nikora, Thames South School 

Culturally responsive learning 

Learning environments that better serve diverse groups of students. 

Trish Plowright, Elm Park School 

Rhythmic Movement Training 

How might Rhythmic Movement Training improve learning and behaviour. 

Bu Windsor, View Hill School 

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