Wendy Kofoed – EPDP

The Experienced Principals Development Programme focused on developing the capability of experienced principals to lead change that creates effective teaching and learning conditions.

Accelerating Māori and Pasifika students

Wendy Kofoed, principal of Newmarket Primary School, Auckland describes how she introduced teachers to the teaching inquiry process, with a focus on raising the achievement levels of Māori and Pasifika students in her school.


The realities of supporting teachers' inquiries

Wendy Kofoed describes how she began by modelling the inquiry approach with teachers at Newmarket School. All teachers were involved in working through a classroom-based school inquiry. She and her school leaders then provided a supportive context for teachers to learn to inquire about the impact of a chosen teaching approach in their own classrooms.



Developing school-wide inquiry

Based on her experience at Newmarket Primary School, Wendy shares some key messages about building inquiry approaches into school practices.



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