Verity Harlick and Megan Odgers – School leaders' ongoing learning

This short piece raises the need for leaders to be enthusiastic about their own learning, so that they develop their own leadership potential and model the expectation that learning is personally and professionally satisfying as well as enjoyable.



I enjoy learning and trying new things and it’s good to work in a cluster because you can then encourage your staff to do it. Your staff need to see you doing new things and trying new things for them to take on the challenge as well. It has to be done in small bites where the need is. It’s no use changing things for the sake of changing, or trying new things when you know it’s not going to work. Your positive attitude has to come through, so they actually pick up on those things and are willing to give new things a try. It’s not always going to work but you’ve got to give it a go.

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