Verity Harlick and Megan Odgers – EPDP

The Experienced Principals Development Programme focused on developing the capability of experienced principals to lead change that creates effective teaching and learning conditions.

EPDP project overview

Verity Harlick Principal of Arthur Street School, Dunedin, and Megan Odgers Principal of Ravensbourne School describe how their EPDP project was designed to reduce the isolation of teachers in small schools. It also provided opportunities for them to work cooperatively across schools to develop shared understandings about effective writing, and the moderation of student writing.

Verity and Megan had previously been part of a principals’ cluster and chose to work together on the same EPDP leadership project. The project involved five small schools working together to build shared understandings of effective writing, and the moderation of writing.

Verity and Megan chose to be interviewed together since they shared responsibility for the project.



EPDP project in action

Principals Verity Harlick and Megan Odgers talk further about their action plan and how they worked cooperatively across their cluster of schools.



Benefits of extended networks and learning together

In this story principals Verity Harlick and Megan Odgers describe how they tapped into external expertise to support their project. They also discuss the value of learning links they built within the cluster.



School leaders' ongoing learning

This short piece raises the need for leaders to be enthusiastic about their own learning, so that they develop their own leadership potential and model the expectation that learning is personally and professionally satisfying as well as enjoyable.



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