Gary Punler – the Ariki Project

Principals enjoy problem solving and debating ideas together. The aim of the Ariki project was to further expand and strengthen this way of working.

Rationale for participating in the Ariki project

Gary Punler joined the Ariki project because he wanted an alternative to the traditional principal appraisal process.

The Ariki project was a school leadership and school development initiative that focused on the connection between principal intentions and teacher behaviours and student outcomes.



Quality learning circles

Gary Punler describes how his school redeveloped learning circles as part of the Ariki project.



Motivating and leading others

Gary Punler points out that teachers’ prime motivation for teaching is the satisfaction that they get from seeing their students develop, thrive and learn and knowing that their work is valuable. He says that teachers were motivated to participate in quality learning circles (QLCs) when they could see that the focus was to improve student learning.



Deprivatising practice

Gary Punler describes how teaching practice in his school is no longer personal and private. The quality learning circles, which are held two or three times each term, reinforce the expectation that teachers have a professional obligation to each other and to the profession to share their work with others and to learn with and alongside others.



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