Anne Coster – NAPP

The year-long National Aspiring Principals Programme is designed to prepare aspirants for principalship in a range of New Zealand schools.

Student voice

Wellington Girls' College deputy principal, Anne Coster, describes the school-based inquiry project that she undertook as a participant on the National Aspiring Principals Programme. Her project considered student voice, and her school-wide leadership of professional learning. In leading change, Anne sought to foster a culture of leadership and learning that empowered both students and teachers.



Culture shifts

In this story, Anne Coster discusses her belief in developing a culture of learning that involves the whole school community and considers the diversity of learners within the school. She grapples with the challenge of quantifying and measuring this kind of change in a school.



Distributing student leadership

In this story, Anne Coster talks about working with the school student council to explore their understanding of leadership concepts, and to establish genuine opportunities for them to assume meaningful leadership and decision-making roles.



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