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Cavanagh-Eyre Jane

Qualitative research on how inquiry research has shaped teachers at Epsom Normal and the impact on achievement levels of priority students; visit schools in two international contexts about professional development approaches that they believe have had a direct impact on student learning.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Chapman Eden

To research successful programmes of learning making a difference for low-achieving students.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Couper Debbie

Undertake professional reading and visit schools to grow my understanding around personalised learning. Investigate what successful personalised learning looks like in the classroom, what hurdles others have experienced in implementing a personalised learning pedagogy and how they were overcome, and how digital technologies are being used to support personalised learning.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Dobbin Margaret

Investigate and improve procedures to improve the 'learning pathways' of children, from early childhood education to the end of the first year at primary school.

Tags: Leading small schools, Pedagogical leadership

Esera Iosua Fa'atili

To find out critical components of bilingual programmes that lead to acquiring twin proficiency in two or more languages, and how those are reflected in school programmes and teacher pedagogy.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Esera Wendy

To find out how well Evans Bay Intermediate School is meeting the needs of students in the critical areas of numeracy and literacy: reading, writing, and maths.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Ewing Catherine

To develop powerful learning including effective teacher appraisal and observation.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Fowler Mike

To investigate how senior managers can offer effective curriculum-related leadership to teachers in charge of subjects.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Gall Peter

To investigate models of indigenous language learning and how effectively these programmes support English language acquisition.

Tags: Pedagogical leadership

Good Shelly

To undertake research into the role of principal, school community and parents in supporting a successful reading recovery intervention and what what forms of leadership and parental support make a difference to the successful achievement of the reading recovery student.

Tags: Partnerships and networks, Pedagogical leadership

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