Building community relationships

School leaders know that building and sustaining good community relationships is important to the well-being and culture of their schools. Building relationships prepares the ground for effective consultation and for creating partnerships.

Leading the school community

Effective principals are community leaders. They work in a wide range of school contexts, groups and organisations. They build partnerships based on addressing the needs of students and improving their learning outcomes.

Building partnerships

Schools need the support of their local community to achieve their goals. School leaders have to work out how to make their relationships with external organisations, people, and groups productive so that all parties benefit.

Consulting with communities

Effective school—community partnerships are built on open dialogue and communication. School leaders regularly consult with their local community to construct and share a common vision and goals.

Involving parents, families and whānau

Effective partnerships between schools and parents, whānau, and communities can result in better outcomes for students. The better the relationship and engagement, the more positive the impact on students' learning.

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