Support for principals

Personalised professional learning 

The Leadership strategy for the teaching profession of Aotearoa New Zealand was released by the Teaching Council in August 2018 after almost two years of collaborative work with the education sector. 

The leadership strategy supports the growth and development of leadership capability for all registered teachers across English and Māori medium settings, in both positional and non-positional leadership roles. 

Its companion document the Educational leadership capability framework gives life to the strategy as it outlines the capabilities needed for effective leadership across different contexts of the profession. 

The leadership strategy and capability framework enable personalised pathways for individuals to navigate, and together provide a system level approach to developing and growing leadership in education. 

Leadership advisors programme reframed 

The Ministry of Education is using the leadership strategy to reframe existing leadership supports and to build system understanding of the leadership capabilities in practice across diverse contexts.

Leadership advisors, led by Evaluation Associates, will continue to provide support to beginning principals in their first two years leading an organisation. We have strengthened the support for tumuaki leading in Māori-medium kura and wharekura and framed the learning programme to identify and strengthen the capabilities that need to be developed to respond to challenges in their individual contexts.

For those principals facing complex issues there will be a more co-ordinated response that uses the NZEI, PPTA, NZPF and SPANZ national helplines as well as regional ministry guidance and the leadership advisors. You will be hearing more about how this works next year.

The leadership advisors will also support professional learning groups, with a goal of establishing reciprocal coaching between principals. This is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of coaching in an education setting, to coach and be coached, and to reflect on your leadership capabilities and practices.

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