Site changes

We've been doing a bit of work to the Educational Leaders website over recent months. 

New section: Leading learning

This section features a new New Zealand resource, Spiral of inquiry: Leaders leading learning. It also contains two supporting collections of existing content: Collaborative cultures; and Professional Learning.

You can find the section in the menu on the left hand of the home page. 

No more site login 

We have removed the option to login in to the website. The functions that required this, such as joining discussions and posting comments, no longer operate on the website.

If you get a message suggesting you login, please ignore it. You have probably reached a page that is no longer available.

No more e-admin login

The ministry replaced the e-admin login in 2016. You now login to the School data portal using your Education Sector Login (ESL). 

Use the School systems box on the right hand side of the home page to link to the applications available through the ministry 

Review of content

We have been reorganising content, to ensure we are focusing topic areas on the most useful material. This work is ongoing.

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