Sabbatical reports added September 2017

Sabbatical reports added in September were:

Secondary and area

Learning design

Principles for designing learning in a range of future-focused US schools.

Maurie Abraham, Hobsonville Point Secondary School


Middle leaders

Current thinking around leading from the middle and distributed leadership.

Janice Adamson, Victoria Avenue School

Leadership for innovation

Leadership to support the development of new pedagogy in innovative learning spaces.

Susan Bewley, Nelson Park School

How school leaders utilise small, innovative inquiry as part of future-focused curriculum design.

Wendy Kofoed, Newmarket School

Succession planning

Retiring with the least disturbance to the students and community.

Catherine Bole, Five Forks School

Building resilience

Ways to build resilience in students.

Petrina Eastwood, St Gerard's School (Alexandra)

Assessment practices

Current practices for identifying learners “at risk” in literacy.

Verity Harlick, Maori Hill School

Leadership structures

Leadership organisation and practices in dual-medium schools.

Susan Horne, Maungatapu School

Community cultures

How schools bring their changing school community into school life.

Rosemary Kemp, Our Lady Sacred Heart School (Epsom)

Leadership PD

Professional development and support principals find to be effective.

Craig McKernan, St Francis Xavier Catholic School (Whangarei)

Learning environments

Impact of designing a modern "learning landscape" for student achievement.

Susan McLachlan, Mountain View School

Professional coaching

Educational coaching and the outcomes experienced in schools here and overseas.

Cindy Walsh, Takapuna School

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