Sabbatical reports added October 2017

Sabbatical reports added in October were:

Secondary and area

Curriculum design

Developing and delivering a curriculum to meet the needs of leavers in 2022.

Robert Mangan, Tauranga Boys' College


Transition to school

Effective practices for successfully transitioning children from early childhood to school.

Rachel Allan, Te Uku School

Professional collaboration

What makes for true collaboration in and across schools.

Gina Benade, Sancta Maria Catholic Primary School

Gifted and talented education

How schools are educating gifted and talented students.

Jane Hahn, Good Shepherd School (Balmoral)

Student agency

Best practice for increased student agency in learning.

Bernadette Leonard, St Joseph's School (Temuka)


How schools are utilising e-learning in daily teaching.

Joanne Mahoney, Tuturumuri School


Social action as an effective component of an inquiry curriculum.

Peter Verstappen, Wakefield School

Personalised learning

Strategies and pedagogies that assist to personalise learning.

Karl Zimmerman, St Anne's School (Wanganui)

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