Sabbatical reports added May 2018

Sabbatical reports added in May were:

Secondary and area

Educationally powerful relationships 

Engage with parents, families and whānau to improve student achievement. 

Vicki Barrie, Northcote College 

Student progress 

Find out whether individual students are making a year's worth of progress. 

Yvonne Browning, Southland Girls' High School 

Kāhui Ako 

Investigate CoL| Kāhui Ako and other learning-focused collaborative ventures. 

Andy England, Greymouth High School 

Innovative learning environments 

Look at future-focused curriculum that maximises flexible learning spaces. 

Ann Greenaway, Wellington East Girls' College 

Te reo Māori 

Study te reo Māori to enhance capacity to engage with Māori students and whānau. 

Sally Haughton, Wellington East Girls' College 


Sustainable leadership 

Investigate the keys to sustainability and longevity in the principal role. 

Leyette Callister, Howick Primary School 

Student-led initiatives 

Explore possibilities around student-driven initiatives linking to the community. 

Alison Cook, Bluff School 

Reggio Emilia 

How Reggio Emilia facilitates learning in innovative learning environments. 

Kathleen Dooley, Mt Richmond School 

Coaching culture 

Coaching to build professional capability and aid organisational improvement. 

Louise Doyle, Oaklynn Special School 

Restorative justice 

Investigate restorative justice strategies that are deemed to be successful. 

Simon Edmonds, Gracefield School 

Future-focused schools 

What future-focused leadership and teaching practices looks like. 

Suzanne Heath, Hawea Flat School 

Kāhui Ako 

Perspectives and learnings on the journey of collaboration. 

Kathleen Joblin, St Thomas More Catholic School 

Educationally powerful relationships 

Building community engagement and educationally powerful relationships. 

Philip Wheeler, Ashburton Netherby School 

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