Sabbatical reports added June 2019

Sabbatical reports published in May-June were: 

Secondary and area 

Positive education 

The potential for positive education to increase wellbeing for learning. 

Dick Edmundson, Linwood College 

Future-focused learning 

Global thinking and future-focused learning capabilities. 

Gary Moore, Rutherford College 


Māori success as Māori 

How schools have improved the achievement of Māori students.  

Simon Akroyd, Apanui School 


How school communities promote teacher and principal hauora. 

Kevin Cronin, Whangaparaoa School (Auckland) 

Applying neuroscience 

Students and teachers learning about neuroscience and Choice Theory. 

Maine Curtis, Waitohu School 

Literacy practices 

Investigation into current literacy practices, resources and programmes. 

Celeste Hastings, Holy Cross School (Miramar) 

Years 1 and 2 

How to improve the engagement of our years 1 and 2 children. 

Roger Hornblow, Pegasus Bay School 

Child wellbeing 

Build a toolkit for school communities on child wellbeing. 

Allan Mitchell, Waihopai School 

Student agency 

Investigate student agency and collaborative teaching approaches. 

Kate Stevenson, Tokanui School 

New schools 

Lessons learned as a foundation principal of a complex urban primary school. 

Veena Vohra, Mission Heights Primary School 


Reading around wellbeing, leadership and innovative practice.  

Ben Ward-Smith, Lytton Street School 

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