Sabbatical reports added June 2018

Sabbatical reports published in June were: 

Secondary and area 

Lifelong learners 

How schools are developing students to be self-managing and lifelong learners. 

Gregory Fenton, Havelock North High School 

Innovative teaching practice 

Develop a model of innovative teaching practice for a year 7–13 school. 

Paul McGuinness, Campion College 


Cultural competencies 

Deliberate acts of tātaiako: ways to develop cultural competencies. 

John Channer, Fraser Crescent School

Teacher agency 

Teacher agency and its role in raising achievement. 

Barry Schon, Johnsonville School 

Digital leadership 

Enhancing the vision and leadership for a digital school. 

Kim Scott, Wyndham School 

Learning spaces 

Needs of children on the autistic spectrum in flexible learning spaces. 

John Stackhouse, Redwood School (Christchurch) 

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