Sabbatical reports added April 2018

Sabbatical reports added in April 2018 were: 

Secondary and area 

Curriculum development 

How schools are developing curriculum and culturally responsive pedagogies. 

Robyn Chester, Tawa College 

Modern learning environments 

The changes in pedagogy needed for modern learning environments. 

Carol Coddington, St Dominic's Catholic College (Henderson) 

Models of staffing 

Staffing in area schools to best meet learning programmes. 

Donna Donnelly, Karamea Area School 

School culture 

Sustaining school culture during leadership change. 

Mark Shanahan, Waitakere College 

Team leadership 

How organisations develop middle and senior leadership. 

James Thomas, Whangaparaoa College 


Bilingual education 

Programmes to engage and accelerate learning for Samoan bilingual students. 

Trevor Diamond,  Henderson South School 

IEP goals 

Making sense of aggregated progress and achievement data in a special school. 

Diane Hankins, Sommerville School 


How to identify and work with students who have dyslexia. 

Carmen Jennings, Discovery School 

Collaborative teaching 

Innovative learning pedagogy and the achievement of Māori learners. 

Charles Oliver and Shona Oliver; Wanganui Intermediate, Central Normal School 

Growing leaders 

Ways small schools develop leadership capabilities of students and staff. 

Selena Tonks, Grovetown School 

Curriculum effectiveness 

Inquiry into the successes and shortcomings of our school’s curriculum design. 

James Turrel, Limehills School 

Preventing bullying 

Effectiveness of the KiVa programme in schools in the UK and Finland. 

Timothy Van Zyl, Te Awa School 

Leadership for complexity 

Explore thinking about leadership – understanding the “why”.  

Michele Whiting, Corinna School 

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