Sabbatical reports added 6 April 2017

Sabbatical reports added today are:

Primary principals 2016

Supporting principals

Ways to support principals: coaching, mentoring, and professional supervision.

Jo Barlow, St James School (Aranui)

Inquiry research

How inquiry research has shaped teachers at Epsom Normal.

Jane Cavanagh-Eyre, Epsom Normal School

Collaborating across schools

How primary schools can collaborate across clusters or communities.

Janine Devenport, Fernridge School

Accelerating learning

How acceleration practices are enhancing children's progress and achievement.

Geoffrey Franks, Raylene Franks, and Gary Punler, Linton Camp School, Glen Oroua School and West End School (Palmerston North)

Student engagement

The direct impact of student engagement on achievement.

Callan Goodall, St Patrick's School (Invercargill)

Personalising learning

Personalising learning in innovative learning environments.

Moira Howard, Levin North School

Designing learning environments

Realising a vision around learning as part of designing innovative learning environments.

Sandra Jenkins, Freemans Bay School

Transition to secondary

Preparing students for the transition to secondary or boarding school.

Kath Johnson, Halfmoon Bay School

Crisis management

Effective crisis management – specifically preparedness for a student death.

Peter Melrose, Hampstead School

Cultural responsiveness

Conditions in higher decile schools to encourage cultural responsiveness.

Daniel Nicholls, St Patrick's Catholic School (Taupo)

School libraries

How school libraries support inquiry learning.

Ruth O'Neill, Cannons Creek School

Rural schools

Curriculum implementation, opportunities and challenges, in small rural schools.

Matt Stockton, Whatawhata School

Dual-medium education

Best practice in dual-medium governance, leadership, curriculum design and delivery.

Neil Towersey, Te Puna School

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