The Learning Partners' programme

by Marilyn Gwilliam

Report overview

At Papatoetoe Central School principal Marilyn Gwilliam and staff have developed a professional learning programme called Learning Partners where teachers learn with and from each other in a professional learning community.

The programme provides a framework that provides direction for two key dimensions: effective pedagogy and growing teacher leaders through educational leadership. Marilyn describes the Learning Partners' process in this project report.

Reflective questions

These reflective questions might guide you in your reading of this report:

  • Marilyn Gwilliam and her team used evidence-based research to identify and address inconsistencies in the way writing was taught at her school. Use evidence from your own school self-review to assess whether there are areas of inconsistency in teaching effectiveness. Working with your teacher leaders devise a process to address the issue/s. To what extent could the approach used in the Learning Partners' programme help as a catalyst for change?
  • Marilyn acted as an educational leader in her school, participating in the professional learning of her staff, distributing leadership, and using experts to assist in the process. Are you regarded as an educational leader in your school? How could you change your practice to operate more effectively as an educational leader?
  • Success in the Learning Partners' programme was partly due to the ways teachers worked together. One aspect of this was keeping things "very simple" with teachers focusing on just one area for each classroom observation. Think about the ways in which your teachers work together. How can you support developing their team work to that it leads to improved outcomes for learners?

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