Asking questions about teaching and learning

by Alistair Campbell

Alistair Campbell Principal

Report overview

In this project principal Alistair Campbell writes about the process he and the staff of Maori Hill School moved through as they reviewed teaching and learning programmes in the light of the revised New Zealand Curriculum.

Staff spent time considering what the implications of the revised curriculum were for their classroom practice. This process helped them to clarify and strengthen their thinking about effective pedagogy.

Reflective questions

These reflective questions might guide you in your reading of this report:

  • At Maori Hill School the motivation for their initiatives to enquire into the success of their teaching and learning was the revision of the New Zealand Curriculum. This and other government initiatives such as Ka Hikitia or National Standards all invite schools to think about ways to improve pedagogy. With other leaders in your school or in your cluster, discuss what your aims are in terms of your students’ success as learners as you initiate implementation of one of the government’s priorities.
  • Alistair Campbell worked with his staff and the school community to establish four main focus areas for their initiative. Work with your staff and community to develop the main focus areas for the project you decide to implement in your school.
  • The Maori Hill School staff realised that their current workload was high. In order to take the initiatives they wanted they needed to work ‘smarter’. What processes will you use to make the initiatives fit with the existing pressures on your staff, yet implement the new ways of teaching and learning devised in your areas of focus?
  •  “Talking about teaching and learning has helped strengthen our teaching teams across the school and has proved an invaluable aid to building school-wide consistency around effective teaching and learning.” In order to improve teaching and learning for all teachers and students, what long term patterns and ways of working will you implement to support your staff in their professional learning?

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