Shaping a Marautanga-ā-Kura with our community

by Helena Baker

Report overview

Helena Baker is the principal of Te Kura o Tākaro, a decile 1 full primary for Year 0 to 8 students in Highbury, Palmerston North. The school enjoys the support of a loyal and established whānau and community. This sense of whānaungatanga provides a strong foundation for the school.

Helena has been involved in leading the community through a curriculum design process. In her project report Helena writes about how she worked with the community on this task.

Reflective questions

These reflective questions might guide you in your reading of this report:

  • Helena Baker’s project focused on the design of their school-based curriculum. An important aspect of the work was the consultation with their whole school community. This involved whānau, students, and teachers using a number different styles of communication (paragraphs 7 and 8). How successful has your curriculum consultation been in terms of involving your whole school community? What different approaches to in-depth consultation can you take to maintain community involvement in school-based curriculum design?
  • At Te Kura o Tākaro the teachers, children and whānau examined their physical environment to develop a framework for their school-based curriculum. This has provided a very real context and set of connections for learning and teaching in the school. In what ways can you use the local environment around your school to make the learning relevant to the real concerns of your children and community? You might consider the geographical environment, the social environment or local community personalities who contribute to it.
  • For many kura this example shows how combining the visions presented in both The New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa provide a basis for developing an effective teaching and learning approach. In what ways has your school-based curriculum design taken account of the need for all New Zealand students to be successful citizens in the 21st century as well as having success in Te Ao Māori?

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