Principalship in 40 hours a week?

by Denise Torrey


In this system-focused project report principal Denise Torrey describes how adopting Malachi Pancoast’s seven-point plan has led her to having “office days” for management and administration tasks and “coaching days” that she uses for in-class observations and giving feedback to teachers.

Reflective questions

These reflective questions might guide you in your reading of this report:

  • "Doing everything" is what Denise Torrey thought being a principal was about. She found that lack of clarity around the role of principal was a major stumbling block. Analyse how you spend your time over a week. Are you clear about your role, or are you doing tasks that are rightly other people’s responsibilities? Prioritise the roles and duties that belong to an educational leader.
  • Malachi Pancoast from Harvard University Principals’ Centre provided Denise with a framework for reviewing her workload and her approach to her role. In addition Denise formed a breakfast group with a small number of other principals to share the issues that they were having getting their work load balanced and focused on enhancing learning for their students. What strategies and support could you put in place to support you as you bring in changes to how you undertake your role?
  • As a result of her focus on managing her workload, Denise can now state firmly that she is "leader of learning in our school". Examine the steps that she used to get to this point. How many of these steps make sense for you? How can you manage your time more effectively so that your focus is on leading the learning in your school?

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Tags: Pedagogical leadership

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